De geografie van de patisserie – Kai van Hasselt

Kai van Hasselt van Shinsekai Analysis sprak tijdens Stadsleven ‘Koffie, bier en chocolade’ over hoe banketbakkers een voorspellende waarde kunnen hebben voor de huizenprijzen.



“The geography of pastry stores is an insightful way to analyse the real estate values of a city. The density of patisseries roughly overlaps with the most appreciated residential and commercial districts.

The question is, can one also reverse the relationship? Would the presence of a good patisserie lift the value and attractiveness of a street or neighborhood? Is there, in another words, a way to capture the value and positive externalities that patisserie brings to an area? The proof of the pudding is in the eating and the challenge is out there for a real estate developer and a pastry chef to collaborate and make it work.”


De hele studie van Kai van Hasselt is hier te lezen: Kai van Hasselt_Cake Study Amsterdam

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