Bruce Katz – Cities will trump President Trump

Donald Trump is the new president of the United States. The majority of his supporters lives in the countryside. What does his victory means for cities – and what about the financial and political powers of cities? Tracy Metz interviews as part of our Great Urban Thinkers video-series Bruce Katz, vice president of the Brookings Institution and author of the book ‘The Metropolitan Revolution‘, about the powerclash between President Trump and the American cities.

Katz thinks that the economical and political power will become more and more in the hands of cities, instead of government. And because of that fact, he doesn’t think the presidency of Trump will have much impact. Cities are the ones that do the investments and cities are the ones that map out our urban future. So the presidency of Donald J. Trump will be but a tiny bump on the road:

Our power resides at the local and metropolitan level. We’re about to find out how resilient we are. There will be harm from this new administration. People will be hurt by the scaleback of the safetynet. But the metropolitan revolution will be at the order of the day.

See the full interview with Bruce Katz below.

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