Stadsleven 26 Nov: Start up, Fall down

Startups are an essential part of today’s urban culture. A lively startup scene brings international talent to cities and generates lots of new ideas and money. But then? Does all this innovation really find its way into the culture at large? And let’s be honest: the aspirational success stories of the AirBNBs and the Ubers and the Bookings and the Adyens aside, most startups fail, leaving their founders with debts and frustration.

In partnership with innovation hub TQ (founded by The Next Web, in collaboration with Google, ABN Amro and KPMG), and with a spectacular lineup of speakers including Prins Constantijn van Oranje of TechLeap and Jennifer Harvey of Google Developers Launchpad, Stadsleven will delve into the the glory and the pain of startup life and ask: is this still the best model for innovation? And if not, what’s next?

(This evening will be in English)


  • Prins Constantijn van Oranje, special envoy of TechLeap
  • 2 stories: Michel Visser on the failure of Konnektid and Stefano Cutello, whose went from near-failure to winning the Deloitte Fast50
  • Startup models of the future: Jennifer Harvey of Google Developers Launchpad and Irene Duyn of the new innovation district Cumulus Park in Amsterdam Zuidoost
  • EYE Film Museum
  • 2 stories: Niels de Greef on the failure of ParkFlyRent and Daan Weddepohl on the near-failure of Peerby (and on his new book ’99 redenen om te stoppen, en toch door te gaan’)
  • Panel with Myrthe van der Erve of TNW, Constantijn van Oranje of TechLeap, Bas Beekman of Startup Amsterdam and Johan van Mil of Peak Capital